God, I am So Tired

Oh, that God would lift the veil that is upon me for I am so very tired: tired of fighting, trying to explain myself, and persistent fatigue.  My aspirations and desires are sitting idly on a shelf while I am enveloped in this cocoon of depression.

I have been here before but thankfully it has been a long time.  I cannot differentiate between knowing if I am tired because I am depressed or depressed because I am tired.  There is a weariness that has settled into my bones and mind.  I don’t want to explain myself to others; I want them to understand and accept me in spite of my current situation.

Frustration nips at my heels as I seek answers to the cause of my current plight.  Yes, there are some lingering medical issues that can contribute to my current state of mind and body.  However, that does not negate the exasperation I am experiencing as I struggle through each day.

Although not an unfamiliar road, it can be quite isolating when traveled alone.  I pray that God will intervene quickly and direct my steps to the pathway of release.  I will remind myself in my weakness He remains strong.   According to Proverbs 4:22 as I keep His words in my heart they will be life and health to my body.  A.R., Florida

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