Keep Fighting for Me Mom

Editor’s Note: The paragraph at the bottom is from the daughter of the story, They Took My Children, after she was unwillingly removed from her home. Her mom had petitioned the courts to have her husband placed under care according to the Baker Act because he was exhibiting extreme signs of schizophrenia. The judge denied the request. Shortly thereafter, the mother called police to have him removed for their safety. Within six hours the children were removed from the home by Child Protective Services.

Happy Mother’s Day to my life, world, heart, soul, best friend and shoulder to cry on, my mom. She brought me into this world, carried me in her belly for nine months, and then continuously cared for me for almost 17 years. She makes sure I am well taken care of, and I know she will continue to do that, she is the best woman I’ve ever known and the strongest woman I’ve met and I idolize her for that. She knows what she deserves and what she is capable of. She will keep fighting until we are home; she has always been that way. I love her so much, more than ANYBODY! Our bond is UNBREAKABLE no matter what happens or where I go, nobody can come between my mom and me. She is absolutely the hardest working mother ever. I love you so much mom. Happy Mother’s day.”     – A.D. Florida

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