My Mental Struggle

Sometimes I feel as if I am going crazy. There are people in my head telling me to do this or do that.  But, I still face the world with a smile.

I wake up then the voice says go back to sleep, cover your face, and you’re not pretty at all. I know it is wrong because I am beautiful on the inside and outside.  I just don’t feel that way. I try to sleep it off but, it doesn’t work. Sometimes I feel as if I’m in a large pool that has no bottom and I just keep going down while struggling and trying to swim my way back to the top but just can’t make it.

At work, I listen day in and day out to the of issues of others.  I want to know when is someone going to listen to mine as I matter too.

Then there are days I sit in darkness and just listen to the sounds of my breath and heart and joy comes over me but, it does not last for long. As I fight these demands off, I feel a sigh of relief and know I can overcome all these demons that try to take me down. I do my best to fight them off.

I’ve learned over the years that life is what you make of it.  When I smile, I feel better on the inside and out and know that GOD will lead my steps to become a better woman and better parent.

Then again today, I am a better me. – T.M., Ohio

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