Searching for love

I had grown up with the fear of being alone and not knowing how to care for myself – a fear that was debilitating.

I felt no security within, no validation, had no encouragement. I did not have any confidence in my abilities, nor did I think I had any. I had many interests, but I did not have the confidence to pursue them.

People’s words, opinions, and actions can have a profound impact on us if we allow them to shape our personalities. Something said in a moment can change a person’s perspective of themselves, “You are such a disappointment,” “You are dumb and will always be dumb,” or “Can’t you do anything right?”

If we allow ourselves to fall into the belief of these types of sayings, they can keep us from fulfilling our potential. We become the product of these beliefs and at times, quit trying to be more.

So, I went looking for that acceptance in all the wrong places. I made many mistakes trying so hard to find love and acceptance. When I failed, it destroyed the little bit of confidence I had left.

Finally, I discovered that true and unconditional love and security can only be found in one place. I met someone who loved me totally and forever. He made me feel special and gave me a hope for my future. He told me he would never leave me and would walk beside me in the good times and bad. He promised to show me the way of life created just for me.

What I had been trying to find, found me: Jesus. His unconditional love changed my life forever. He changed my perspective. His love and ever-present presence gave me the security I needed to know I would never be alone again. He will always be with me.

Psalm 139 says, “He knew me before my form came into being.” He saw me! Another Psalm says that, “All the days of my life are written in his book.”

He had a purpose and a plan for me all along. He was just waiting for me to come to him. D.C. - Florida

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