The Uninterrupted Silence

I miss him so much. I miss him making me laugh. I miss him counting my sneezes on his fingers. I miss him walking in the door at the end of the day getting my kiss. I miss him pretending he forgot to kiss me in bed at the end of the night just so he could get another one. I miss him calling me up at the end of the day and seeing what he could bring home for dinner. I miss him talking about how he was so proud of the kids. I miss him playing videos of our granddaughter over and over again and getting excited when he got a ding of his phone that a new picture was coming in. I miss him opening and closing the window shades every morning and evening. I miss him warming up my car even if he had to get out of bed way before he had to leave. I miss him talking about his grand furbabies and watching their videos/phots and chuckling. I miss us running around the house chasing each other for no reason. I miss the excitement in his voice talking about the day he could retire. I miss him going on an on about a great anvil/tool he found to resell. I miss his laugh. I miss his gentle touch. I miss his voice. I just plain miss him. Miss you so much baby.......J.V., Virginia

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