Your Voice Brings Freedom


There is power in silence.

An oblivious world encased with a delicate mix of carefully crafted answers, automated “I’m good! How are you?” ‘s and seemingly idyllic adventures. Silence allows others to believe that laughter, happiness and peace are a part of your norm.

…in between each puff of wind, the pause before the turn, the quick release before you drift of to sleep…

Silence keeps the present wrapped up in all of its glamour and finesse.

Yes, silence, has power.

I have been trained to live and believe lies – a life of silence. “Living” what I thought was “life.”

Truth is uncomfortable. (Writing this is uncomfortable.) Being loved for who I am – whatever, whoever that is – is uncomfortable.

All because silence has power.

It has the power to change your world…and keep you stifled in it.

Silence allows you to endure inappropriate conversations about your body over and over again. Silence tells you to lay in fear as his hands reach into your pants, even though you said no.

Silence says “whatever you want to do to me is fine” just so you can survive. Silence permits the fresh sparkle in your big, beautiful eyes, to fade, making it easier to be used again…and again. It seals the odor of foul lies in so well, that they intoxicate your soul, rewire your brain, and encapsulate your heart.

Silence has power because it brings death to voice.


Voice is triumphant.

Voice is loud. It fills the room with noise and presence. Voice takes “power” and makes it crumble into dust.

Voice speaks. It speaks truth that you are not alone, that you are loved, that you have the right to be human and treated like one.

Voice allows you to explore purpose, stake claim on a life once silenced. Voice means hope as you stumble through the messy middle.

Voice lets you listen to the whispers of grace from the One who made it. It tells of the depths of His mercy, washes white the stains of pain, and unleashes abundance.

So yes, silence has power.

But voice overpowers silence. – R.C. Florida

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