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Why your should submit your story:  It is simple - your courage and transparency may the transformative factor that another woman desperately needs.


Your story is important. Her Story Book offers a safe environment where you can anonymously submit a chapter from your life experiences.


Maybe you are in the middle of a difficult time now and you need to release it. Do you feel like you will never have closure from a past or current situation.? Or perhaps, you’ve come out of that fire…and you want other women to know that they can make it too.

Many often feel liberated after releasing a story they have held on to for a long time.

Through our submissions section, you have the freedom to write whatever you want, safely. By submitting your story, other women will understand that they are not alone in their experiences.  No matter how big or small you feel your story is, it matters and it deserves a voice.


To submit a story, you may type it directly into the "Your Story" box or copy and paste it from another source.

If you would like your web or social media site(s) linked to your story, include link(s).

Please only submit stories that are 1000 words or less that they may be formatted to fit web site. 

By submitting a story, you agree to our Terms of Use published at the end of this page.  

Please indicate at bottom of submission if your want your story to be posted anonymously.

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